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Indoor or outside Mobile Bars, Barbecues (BBQ) and Hog/Lamb Roast service from Happisburgh, Norfolk.
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Mobile outside trailer-bar is available to arrive and open instantly for local events, be they public or private. This is a large mobile bar suited to serving between 50 and 500 guests. Temporary Events Notification service included.

Indoor bar based on the same "ready to open" principles. You can select for 4ft, 8ft or 12ft sections, according to the number of guests you have.

Either bar can be decorated to suit your event. From plain to rustic (Hello H) or lit up in multicolour LED lighting. Whatever you feel would suit your theme.

We normally carry 2 real ales (of your choice) on stillage or hand pump, 2 lagers and a cider on tap. The Real ales can be increased as needed.

We also carry a full range of wines, spirits and cold soft drinks. We are always open to special requests.

We can cook and supply a Hog or Lamb Roast for from 50 to 200 guests, for whole lamb or between 150 and 300 guests for a whole hog. For smaller events, it may be more practical to use joints of pork or lamb, cooked in the same way. We can even supply spit-roast chickens.

If you prefer, we can bring a fully staffed and stocked barbecue. All we need to know is what you would like us to cook and serve and for how many people, and we will turn up prepared with your locally sourced meat . We will bring appropriate sauces, high quality, disposable, compostable plates, etc. Even our cutlery is made from plant starch to minimise the effcts on the environment. If you would like us to supply china plates or metal cutlery, we can do this for you. Apply for pricing.

There is usually no charge to the organiser for events with over 50 guests. See food and drink price lists below.

We have credit and debit card facilities wherever there is a WiFi signal.

We prefer you to supply a safe 16amp or 2 x 13amp electricty points to which we can connect, however, we do have a self-sufficient generator available if needs be.


Hog/Lamb roast
Hog Bun 4.00.
Lamb Bun 5.00
1/2 chicken 6.00
Salads per serving 1.50
Rice or potato sides per serving 1.50
Sauces and condiments supplied as part of the package

Burgers 3.50 (+50p for cheese)
Veggie Burgers 3.50 (+50p for cheese)
Hot Dogs 3.50
Chicken Quarters 3.50

Luxury Barbeque
A wide selection of meat, sea food and vegetarian options suitable both for plated buffet-style BBQs and more perambulatory events.

Your selections can be coupled with with a wide range of buffet items and salads. We recommend that you discuss your requirements with one of our chefs at an early stage to enable an ideal customised menu for your event.

Examples of some of the options available include:-
Local lamb chops with a mint and balsamic glaze
Whole, stuffed sea bass (needs a plate)
Chicken or vegetable satay skewers
Steak (obviously)
BBQ'd 1/2 tandoori-style chicken
Salmon Steaks with ginger and lemongrass dressing
and many other choices to suit your palate.

Prices for Luxury BBQ's are highly variable according to options and season. Please phone to discuss your requirements.

Draught Beer 3.50 per pint.
Guinness 3.50 per pint
Lagers 3.50-4.00 per pint.
Ciders 4.00 per pint.
Bottled Beers 3.50.
Spirits 2.50.
Special Spirits 3.50per 35ml measure.
Wine 3.50 187ml bottle.
Prosecco 4.00 per 200ml bottle.
Mixers 1.50
Red Bull 2.00
Fruit Shoots 1.50
J2O 2.00
Rekorderlig 3.50
Other soft drinks 1.00 per can or 1/2pt.

Cash, in advance, bacs, credit* or debit card*.
Mark & Graham Pressman, The Bungalow, Cart Gap Road, Happisburgh NR12 0QL
* provided that there is an adequate internet connection on site.

We also run Catseye Press, printing beer mats for private events and special occassions.